What can we say, you can’t keep a good thing down! What has been a crazy few years for us, we had to put pause on one of our babies, The Limerick Magazine while Michelle gave birth to our actual first baby Tyler James Tulit at the end of 2018.

Creating a magazine from scratch each month is no easy undertaking and a giant amount of time from planning and idea generation for each issue – to actually implementing and carrying out the work, interviews, photoshoots, styling and organising teams of people and locations for said shoots, transcribing, writing, graphic design not to mention production, advertising, circulation, distribution and marketing. It was an impossible format to keep up as an independent publisher with incredibly high costs for print and distribution.

However, so much great has come from The Limerick Magazine, artists we wrote about got more work. People we profiled got massive wonderful feedback and coverage, restaurants we reviewed filled and it really shone a light on our city, the events, the music, the food, the businesses but most important, the people. And quite simply, we don’t want to let that go.

So, after a lot of thought, research and a tiny bit of deliciousness from lack of sleep post baby, Michelle has decided to revive The Limerick Magazine in an online format focusing on digital content. As the saying goes “Sharing is Caring”, so we will be introducing our readers to a ton of monthly online competitions, reviews of places to visit, places to eat, drink and all round be merry. We will introduce you to new business, as well as much loved businesses, showcase talent, help you find the best events to attend and places to visit, weather you’re a student, family, couple, singleton or just want to grab a group of friends and get together. We will be trying out new beauty trends, fitness programs and as always, a few adventures along the way!

We hope you join us on this fun filled and exciting journey to showcase what Limerick has to offer in 2020 and the coming years.

From January 2020 get your monthly dose of what Limerick has to offer each month by visiting – www.thelimerickmagazine.com

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